Stakeholder engagement

Credentialate has been carefully designed to benefit the diverse range of stakeholders at your institution, including instructors, course administrators, learners and employers.


Course Convenors/Admins

  • Extracts data from LMS assignment and group tools - eliminating the need to learn a new system

  • Flexible rubric model supporting peer and academic assessment of student performance

  • Elimination of manual steps via automated extraction of student results

  • Ability to define multiple tiers of mastery per competency and align rubrics to industry standards, institutional graduate attributes or custom models

  • Systematised evaluation of learners’ progress for achievement of mastery/competency, including rich analytics and visualisations

  • Standards-based output using the IMS Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) format


  • Attainment of meaningful, personalised microcredentials backed by evidence

  • Control over micro-credential visibility


  • Meaningful, validated credentials, supported by compelling evidence detailing the student’s performance