Edalex is thrilled to announce the appointment of Margo Griffith to the role of Head of Business Development. Margo will focus on Credentialate, our micro-credentialing management platform.

Margo brings years of experience in Sales, Sales Management, Account Management and Business Development to Edalex. She is passionate about the positive impact of technology within education and the enablement of lifelong learning and agility. Margo has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of micro-credentials, evidence-based insight and the potential for edtech to make a positive impact on learners' lives.

Margo has worked across a diverse range of businesses, with nearly all of them in the Education sector. She has led the Australasian sales teams for major global companies such as John Wiley and Sons and McGraw-Hill, in addition to having national and international business development roles within Cengage, Reed-Elsevier and OpenLearning, as well as start-up/scale up businesses in biometrics and EdTech.

Margo also has a long-standing connection with Credentialate, having previously partnered with Edalex on a research project at UNSW Sydney that helped inspire the creation and vision for the platform.

To learn more about Credentialate, please contact Margo at margo.griffith[at]edalex.com.


Trusted edtech services provider Edalex, in collaboration with Go8 university, launch research-backed micro-credentialing platform

Edalex, an edtech services company, today announced the launch of Credentialate, a micro-credentialing platform designed to assess, monitor, promote and validate learners’ attainment of signature (soft) skills.

The platform has been developed in close collaboration with Group of Eight (Go8) design partner UNSW Sydney, in support of a multi-year, cross-faculty micro-credential community of practice and research project led by UNSW Professor Patsie Polly. Credentialate is a secure, configurable platform that assesses and tracks attainment of competencies and issues micro-credentials to students together with an accessible evidence layer to validate achievements.

“Credentialate incorporates a rubric-based approach for visualising meaningful evidence behind signature skill micro-credentials,” said Professor Patsie Polly, Scientia Education Fellow at UNSW. “UNSW has been excited to partner with Edalex on the co-design of a platform that we believe addresses a critical need not only at UNSW, but potentially also for other education providers globally.”

With micro-credentialing in the spotlight following a review into the Australian Qualifications Framework, Credentialate focuses on a number of key areas of the issuing process: extraction of data from LMS environments; assessment of extracted competency scores against an institution’s rubrics to determine students’ levels of mastery; issuing of micro-credentials via integration with badge generation tools; and clear qualitative and quantitative evidence of each student’s mastery via a standards-based detailed achievement record. Particular emphasis has been placed on tools to manage the entire lifecycle of badge attainment.

“Edalex’s mission is to ‘help put innovation into education’, and Credentialate enables educational organisations to implement flexible micro-credential models - from pilots to full institutional deployments,” said Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex. “Credentialate’s secure automated extraction and assessment of rubric data minimises the impact on busy academic staff, enables enterprise analytics and ultimately provides meaningful evidence-backed micro-credentials for learners and prospective employers.”